Verona DMS

Verona DMS is a version of introupe that contains the base system of introupe plus the DMS module. As this is based on introupe you will also be able to install any of the other available modules, which are compatible (incurs additional costs).

You will be able to install this DMS on either a local server or VM or in the Cloud on a VM of your choice.

An installer for this product will be available soon.


  • Easily share documents with colleagues
  • Push documents through a workflow for formal review and approval
  • See at a glance which documents are still to be reviewed and approved, and by whom
  • A Windows desktop client application is available
  • An API is available should you wish to integrate a 3rd party app

Technical Details

  • Windows or Linux
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL


Purchasing this product will entitle you to use the product perpetually. The cost will include 1 year of support. You can renew your support each year, if required.


Verona DMS Server is NOT currently available for purchase. It will be available soon.

Verona DMS Only
£ 500 GBP
Verona DMS Only (Renewal)
£ 250 GBP