SVN Server Admin

SVN Server Admin is a version of introupe that contains the base system of introupe plus the SVN Repository Admin module. As this is based on introupe you will also be able to install any of the other available modules, which are compatible (incurs additional costs).

An installer for this product will be available soon.


  • Manage multiple repositories
  • Manage permissions
  • Create new repositories

Technical Details

  • Linux
  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL


Purchasing this product will entitle you to use the product perpetually. The cost will include 1 year of support. You can renew your support each year, if required.


SVN Server Admin Only £ 100
SVN Server Admin Only (Renewal) £ 100

Alternatively, please email to request a quote and to send a purchase order (PO).

Please contact us if you wish to try SVN Server Admin.