Desktop Applications



Active Directory User Management and Synchronisation

  • Manage users in Active Directory with ease
  • Create new accounts in a flash
  • Save many man hours and drastically reduce human errors
  • Synchronise your Active Directory to your MIS
  • No batch files or scripts required!


This is a simple free basic syntax highlighted tabbed HTML editor.


Small Business Finance Manager

This application was initially created several years ago to enable a company to easily manage their small company accounts simply, whilst also providing them with some extra useful features. It has had various features added over the years, and is still being updated every so often. So, if there is an element missing for you then please let us know.

The obvious basics of company account management are included but there are added features, such as marking orders as being annual, viewing when those annual payments are due, and more.



Subversion Client for Windows

  • Manage multiple repositories and working copies with ease
  • Create new repositories with ease
  • Branch and merge with ease
  • Choose a UI theme that suits you
  • All standard SVN functionality available

Verona DMS Client

This is an experimental application of trying to use Subversion (SVN) for storing documents.

The initial concept was to replace Microsoft Visual Source Safe with something similar in functionality but was currently supported, without having to trial a variety of new systems but to also re-use existing systems (i.e. Subversion) which are currently in-use. It must also be easy to use for non-technical people. That was essentially the remit from the customer. So, this is the application created for them, which is also available for others to use.