Find in Files UI .NET Library

Latest version: v1.0.23.10240

FindInFilesLib is a .NET Framework UI library providing the UI and associated functionality for searching in file and showing the results. This library can be used in any .NET Framework application, and supports anbTheme for switching between UI themes, including dark mode.


  • Built-in Find window
  • Specify text to search for
  • Browse to root folder to search in
  • Option to search in sub-folders or not
  • Options to match case and whole word only
  • Specify file types to search in
  • Results panel with unlimited tabs
  • Results tabs automatically populated
  • Specify which results tab to use or show in a new one
  • Past search text can be remembered
  • Past search folders can be remembered
  • Dark Mode*
  • Gray Mode*
  • Light Mode
  • Sample app included
  • Source code available

* Requires anbTheme

Find Form Comparison


Simply add the FindResultsTabControl in your form (named here as tabControl1), then use the following code to interact with it:

namespace TestApp
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()

        private void findButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            // set the directory history
            tabControl1.FindForm.FindDirectories = new string[]
            // set the file types history
            tabControl1.FindForm.FindFileTypesList = new string[]
            // set the default text to show
            tabControl1.FindForm.FindText = "FindInFilesLib";

            // show the Find window

        private void tabControl1_DoubleClickResult(object sender, string filePath, int line)
            MessageBox.Show(this, "Load '" + filePath + "' at line " + line.ToString(), "Load", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);


Find Window Comparison Find Results Comparison


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ANB Software Products

The following ANB Software products make use of this UI library:

NOTE: In order to use the dark or grey UI modes you will require the anbTheme UI library, in addition to this library.

.NET Frameworks Supported

v2.0 - v4.8
Any CPU, 32-bit, & 64-bit


Purchasing this library will give you support for 1 year from the date of purchase. This will also entitle you to receive free updates during that period. You can renew your support each year for the same amount.

Developers Price
1 - 5 £ 49.99 each
6 - 25 £ 44.99 each
26+ £ 39.99 each
Source Code £ 499.99

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