Mobile Programmers Editor


Mobile Programmers Editor

Do you need to write applications on-the-go?

Do you need a tabbed editor with useful features for programmers?

Then try our source code editor for Windows Mobile?

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Why use this application?

We were unable to find a decent useful source code editor for Windows Mobile, and some of our developers are out-and-about at times and require a good mobile editor to edit code of projects whilst they are away from their desks. Unable to find such a product resulted in the birth of this application.

The future

At present MPE is simply a tabbed non-syntax highlighted editor with some useful features aimed at developers. It is our intention to implement more features for developers, such as project management (reading Visual Studio files), creating new type of files, and maybe even allowing the incorporation of compilers.

If you use this software and feel as though it needs tweaking or another feature adding, whether it is specific to you or not, then please contact us. You can contact us either via email or using the forum.


Commercial User

For any individual or company wishing to use this editor for developing commercial projects, you can do so but you must purchase a license. A license is required for each developer working on the project in question. To do so, follow the 'Buy Now' link on the left and purchase the necessary licenses. After which you are immediately licensed to use it with your commercial project.

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