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Web Viewer

This program has been developed to give Windows Mobile users the facility to have a very useful and functional tabbed web browser. Other tabbed mobile web browsers are either bulky, slow, or not free. This program is entirely free to use and uses Pocket Internet Explorer to display the web pages.

v2.0 Features

  • Customise toolbar buttons
  • Added higher resolution images for toolbar for high-res screens
  • Auto hide the address bar and improved accessibility
  • Open pages now available in a 'Tabs' menu
  • .NET CF updated to v3.5
  • Added option to auto save tabs on closing
  • Added option to auto reload tabs on startup
  • Added check for update
  • Added option to show Javascript errors
  • Pasting text into address bar no longer crashes the app
  • Fixed 'view source' bug
  • Updated preferences to be scrollable

v1.2 Features

  • Option to save open tabs when closing
  • Rotate screen
  • Clear cache and cookies buttons
  • Clear cache and cookies on exit options
  • Increased 'F' (file menu) size for easier access
  • Web page receives focus on selecting associated tab
  • Added cut, copy, and paste to address bar
  • Option to hide tab when only viewing one page
  • Option to turn off acquiring title of page (speeds up page loading time)
  • Save options on exit: full screen, view tabs, screen rotation, etc
  • Multiple language support using an editable language file. Now supports Unicode.


  • Tabbed Browser
  • Standard Navigation Buttons (Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop)
  • Open links in new tab
  • Duplicate tab
  • View Source (customise external viewer/editor)
  • Remember closed tabs
  • Remember typed URLs
  • Full Screen mode
  • Hide Tabs Option (to increase viewing area)
  • Various Tab Options (Close, Close Others, Reload All)


This software is NOT supported on Windows Mobile for SmartPhone.

This program has been developed using Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0.7045.0, which is required to run it. Only this version will work as there are numerous bugs in previous versions, as well as this one, but this is the one that is most stable and enables the functionality to open new tabs.

Favourites are managed by Pocket Internet Explorer.

There is a known issue when navigating, the back/forward buttons do not function correctly (device dependant). For example, when you click on a link for the first time you should be allowed to "go back". However, due to bugs in Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and the device this may not register correctly that you can "go back". However, there is a workaround, which is to go to another tab and then return. This then registers correctly. Alternatively, you can use the context menu to select 'Back'.


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