AD User Import From SIMS.NET


AD User Import From SIMS.NET

This program was designed and developed to assist Network Administrators in importing students from their School SIMS.NET System.

The main feature of v2.1+ is the facility to export the data from SIMS.NET to a text file, and then re-import it back into the program and import the users into Active Directory. This feature enables Network Administrators to acquire the data from SIMS.NET on their admin network, transfer the text file to the curriculum network, and run this software again to import the users into Active Directory.

Please feel free to download the AD User Import From SIMS.NET Presentation, which gives more insight into the program.

Please note that this product is NOT endorsed nor supported by Capita. The importing from a CSV file facility has been added to comply with the rules for 3rd party software for SIMS.NET.

Also note that this product has been superseded by ActivMan. ActivMan contains all the features of this application but is far more powerful and feature rich.

New Features

  • Import/export using SIMS Admissions. This enables Network Administrators to import/export students before they are officially "on roll".


  • Export to CSV file
  • Import from CSV file
  • Specify custom username format.
  • Improved layout.
  • Extract data DIRECTLY from the SIMS.NET database
  • Import specific years (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12).
  • Specify the AD location where the imported users will be created.
  • Select different formats for the username (i.e. JoeBloggs, JBloggs, BloggsJ, etc).
  • Select what happens when there is a conflict of users.
  • Set: Display Name, Description, Profile Path, Logon Script
  • You can add each imported user to multiple specified groups. Each user is added to 'Domain Users' by default.
  • Set each user's password to either their DOB, username, or a predetermined password.
  • Set password options: allow change, change at next logon, and the password does not expire. NOTE: You cannot set their password to expire AND change at next logon.
  • All imported users can be set to be enabled or disabled when created.
  • Create each imported user a home directory to store their files in (optional).
  • Select the server and location of the home directories.
  • Specify the permissions of each home directory, including the user who the directory is for.
  • Create a share for each home directory and set permissions (optional).
  • Add a common share to users home directory (if not creating a share).
  • Specify the format of the name of the share (i.e. 'username' [show] or 'username$' [hidden]).
  • Specify how many users can access each share created.
  • Specify the permissions of each share, including the user who the share is for.
  • Export required data from SIMS.NET to a text file.
  • Import from a text file.


Currently there are no plans to release a demonstration version. All information should be contained in these few pages, but you can email Sales if you have any question that is not answered here.

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