Manage users in Active Directory with ease. Create new accounts in a flash. Save many man hours and drastically reduce human errors. No batch files or scripts required!

ActivMan takes all the good features of Microsoft's Active Directory Users MMC snapin, and adds some extremely useful features, i.e. mass manipulation, templates, importing of users, and extracting using directly from your MIS (SIMS.NET - schools only), whilst also improving the efficiency of managing users.

What is ActivMan?

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Extract students and staff DIRECTLY from SIMS.NET
Synchronise Active Directory to SIMS.NET
Fast and reliable!
Automatically disable students and staff who have left
Client/Server edition available for split admin-curric networks
Create home folders and shares automatically with permissions!

Essentially ActivMan pulls through information from SIMS to create user accounts for pupils and staff, a process that takes minutes using this software as opposed to spending days doing it manually. For the price of this software it is an absolute bargain in my opinion, I have discussed this with xxxxxx and she thinks it is a good idea too as it frees up so much time.
Technical Support Engineer, Bradford

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