With this feature you can create a template for each type of user you have on your network, i.e. receptionist, office clerk, teacher, Year 9 student, head of department, etc. Thereby, reducing the amount of time spent creating and testing new accounts. A template consists of the standard user properties, as well as password settings/generation, home directory location and permissions, home directory network share and permissions, etc. When creating users using a template and the home directory and share options are selected, the program will create the home directory, set the permissions on it, and then create a share with the specified permissions, and link this to the user (optional). Thereby, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to create a user, and also reducing the potential errors incurred due to the amount of steps involved with creating the user and associated services manually. This feature can be used with either manually creating users or importing users (either file import or SIMS.NET).


With this very useful features designed specifically for education establishments, you can import users directly from SIMS.NET. No additional program is required. No exporting users through SIMS.NET. No batch files. No worries. No mess. An extremely efficient and reliable feature to create users on your network by directly accessing SIMS.NET. No need to worry how to spell a user's name or if you have missed anyone out. Simply inform the software where your SIMS.NET server is (and login details), select who to import, select a template, and go! It is as simple as that! Potentially hours worth of work done in a few moments. All new users created, as well as their home directories and network shares. Along with folder and share permissions set and any desired user account settings you wish. All done in a few moments!

Detailed Features List

  • Auto import accounts from MIS systems
  • Manage multiple servers/networks/domains
  • Create (multiple) user account templates
  • Create user accounts from templates (reduces errors and data entry)
  • Create users' home directory and network share automatically (using templates)
  • Set permissions on users' home directory and network share automatically (using templates)
  • Set/generate users' password automatically (using templates)
  • Copy user accounts
  • Import users from CSV file (using templates)
  • Extract users(students and staff) directly from SIMS.NET
  • Mass manipulation:
    • Modify username
    • Reset users' password
    • Modify users' description
    • Modify users' profile path
    • Modify users' logon script

Standard functions:

  • Create/edit/delete user accounts manually
  • Create/edit/delete groups manually
  • Add/remove users from groups
  • Move users
  • Reset passwords
  • Enable/disable accounts

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